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Dont have money to pay the rent? But pay through this app! through Pay Later Option?

The sufferings of those living in rented houses cannot be expressed in words. A lot of salary is not enough for the monthly expenses. If the rent is not paid every month, the house owner will not be allowed to stay. And with two cats at home.. let them be of school age.. more difficulties for them. In such situations, sometimes there is no money in hand to pay the house rent. If you pay through a pony credit card, that will not be the case. We don't want to borrow a pony. It is rude to ask a fellow to be fat. There are many people who are facing financial difficulties in big cities.

Pay Later Option on Rental Payment upto 40 Days in India has taken steps towards solving such problems. Keeping in mind those who are struggling to pay rent on time, it has started 'Rent Now Pay Later' services similar to 'Buy Now Pay Later'. For that, has joined hands with Bengaluru-based fintech startup 'Nero'. Customers who do not have money on time can pay rent through RNPL. No convenience fee is charged for paying house rent. No interest will be charged on this amount for a period of forty days. If required, the amount of house rent paid can also be converted into EMIs.

Dhruv, CEO of, said in a statement that the service was tested experimentally before it was officially launched. He disclosed that nearly one lakh users have expressed their satisfaction with these services. Millions of customers who do not have credit card facility can use these services. At present there is the facility of paying house rent using credit card through apps like Phone Pay and Paytm. For this they charge some charges. Banks are also charging up to 1 percent. However, it is noteworthy that provides short-term loan facility without charging any charges for up to 40 days. Share your views on this matter in the form of comments.