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Vettuvan koil historic landmark in Tamilnadu | Must visit Places


vettuvan koil

Magnificent structure called Vettuvan Koil in India. The specialty of this temple is that it is entirely carved out of one solid rock, just like the Kailasa Temple in Ellora Caves.

   Vettuvan koil - wiki

  Vettuvan Koil in Kalugumalai, a panchayat town in Thoothukudi district in the South Indian state of    Tamil Nadu, is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. Constructed in the Pandyan Architecture and rock cut architecture, the unfinished temple was built during the 8th century by the early Pandyas.

Vettuvan koil - temple timings 

Everyday 9am to 6pm IST 

Vettuvan koil distance from Hyderabad

Distance from Hyderabad to vettuvan koil 1113 km  

By Road journey it takes 19 hours 

By Flight Journey it takes 5 hours 20 mins approx as per google maps

vettuvan koil distance