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Sri Gopala Goshala In hyderabad

Sri Gopala Goshala In hyderabad
Sri Gopal Goshala in Hyderabad is a non-benefit organization. Its basic objective is to build attention to Indian bovine related issues. recognized by numerous associations in Hyderabad, Sri Gopal Goshala trust is one of the main Goshala in the state.
India was already home to 72 types of cows. After freedom, we lost over 65% of them. All that remains are 26 breeds. The rest are either half and a half or cross breed.
Go: puja means love of dairy animals (Go:ma:tha) alongside her calf. Go: puja evacuates hardships of the general population and favors them with harmony and satisfaction. It likewise empowers an individual to accomplish command over his detects. Go: puja is identical to a pradakshinam around the earth, recitation of Vedas and love of Lord Vishnu.
Sri Gopala Goshala In hyderabad
Sri Gopal Goshala in Hyderabad is an incredible spot for family social affairs. Encompassed ordinarily the spot is a perfect spot to spend time with family. The Goshala is encompassed by mountains and green trees.
Indian cows are an image of Hinduism. Lord Krishna was a cowherd, and the bull is portrayed as the vehicle of Lord Shiva. The bovine is regarded as a sacrosanct creature in India. In the goshala, we bolster stray and destitute dairy animals. Being far from rushing about of city life, We give best reverential administrations and family diversion amidst common excellence.
Address: Ibrahimpatnam, Hyderabad