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Famous Arabic Dessert Kunafa

Arabic Dessert Kunafa
Kunafa is a customary Middle Eastern treat made with slim noodle-like baked good, or on the other hand, fine semolina mixture, absorbed sweet, sugar-based syrup, and regularly layered with cheddar, or with different fixings, for example, thickened cream or nuts, contingent upon the region. It is prominent in the Arab world, especially the Levant and Egypt, Yemen and particularly in Palestine. likewise, variations are found in Turkey, Greece, and the Balkans, just as in the Caucasus. 
Arabic Dessert Kunafa
History Of Kunafa
Ibn Sayyar al-Warraq's tenth century Kitab al-Tabikh (Book of Dishes), an accumulation of Arabic and Persian plans and nourishment exhortation of the Abbasid caliphs, makes reference to neither the word Kunafah nor a depiction of the dish as today is known. Nonetheless, it features a part on sweets made with the related qatāyif, which means crêpes, from which the Turkish word kadayıf and Greek word kataïfi determine. In one formula, qatāyif are loaded down with nuts, southern style, and bested with nectar sugar syrup, which is basically unaltered in the present variant. Additionally portrayed are huge meager crepes taking after texture, called ruqāq, cooked on a round sheet of metal called a tābaq, layered with a natural product, and soaked with sugar