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Why Junk Food Is Unhealthy And 10 Disadvantages Of Junk Food

junk food
Nowadays everyone are loving to eat junk food but before talking food into hand just know about Junk Food and "Why Junk food is unhealthy?". Eating too much fast food is like addicted to drinking and smoking in time, it will consume your wellness and leads to obesity. No matter how much we try, we can't control the smell and taste of fast food, filled with a little item of salad, cheese, coated with mayo and ketchup, The point where the food trouble begins, as soon as it gets into your stomach, or mouth, or maybe your hands.
A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows those who ate more junk food had a greater chance of dying earlier than people who ate less. "It is another step in our comprehension of the link between ultra-processed food and health." The danger is about 14 percent higher for every 10 percent increase in the percentage of highly processed food someone eats. This study has cautioned that the results don't mean eating a single meal gives you a higher chance of dying.
junk food
What is unprocessed food
The three classes are unprocessed food like meat and eggs, or foods like vegetables and fruit; processed ingredients such as sugar, butter, oils and salt; and foods like canned fish, fruits in syrup, and also types of bread and bran Foods. Ulta Processed food comes to include under category four according to the NOVA food classification system. Ultra-processed foods consist of packaged snacks, soft drinks, reconstituted meat pre-prepared dishes that are frozen, and generates.

junk food
Disadvantages of junk food
Junk food shows the severe effect on health, few disadvantages of junk food are listed below
High salt content. Consuming more sodium was related to heart disease and stomach cancer
More sugar. High sugar consumption has thas been associated with an increased chance of coronary disease
Lack of fiber. Dietary fiber has been linked with a substantially decreased risk of dying early
Suspected carcinogen-contaminants, including acrylamide, in foods that have experienced high-temperature processing
Food addiction- such as titanium dioxide have been associated with intestinal and gut inflammation
Harmful chemicals present in food packaging may be migrating into food
Improve heart Disease-fast food contains high saturated fat and it will increase low-density cholesterol which leads to a heart attack.
Cause to diabetes type 2- fast Food contains High quantity of sugars which raise the risk of diabetes.
Skin acne problems-Due to flour and sugars used in food are coming under non-nutritious carbs which effects our skin and raise to acne problems
Kidney and Intestine problems-Large sodium content in fast food makes kidney effected which gets stones in the kidney. It also spoils the digestive system.
Tooth Problems-It may cause tooth decay because of added sugars in food. Sugars will build bacteria and have chances to get tooth decay very quickly
Osteoporosis Problem-sugar, phosphates, contains fewer vitamins, sodium, and low minerals which contains in fat fast food leads to osteoporosis.
Obesity-Obesity is very dangerous and it causes due to more calory food with no natural nutrition
Want to live longer? Eating healthy is the way to go! Some of the leading causes of death around the planet are noncommunicable diseases such as obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, and diabetes. Proper nutrition helps stop those conditions all, although your genetics and other factors come into play when considering your wellness. Getting enough vitamins and minerals also helps enhance your general immunity, making you less susceptible to colds, infections and communicable diseases.

Calories contain in KFC
1 piece of fried chicken wings  contains nearly 130 calories
Calories count: 58%, 32% proteins, 10% carbs
1 hot wing snack box of KFC contains nearly 500 calories
Calories count: 37%carbs, 13% protein, 49% fat
1 serving Of KFC extra crispy chicken whole wing contains nearly 210 calories
Calories count: 63% fat, 22% protein, 15% carbs
Calories Contain in Mcd
healthy food

Long time effects of a balanced diet
If Every individual maintains a well-balanced diet then there is a chance to lead a healthy and happy life. Good nutrition food which adds protein, calcium, fiber, etc also boosts immunity which helps to fight with illness and stops affecting the body with disease. It will help to maintain a healthy weight and stops the risk of attacking cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, skin disease, boneless, obesity, cardiovascular disease, etc
This balanced and healthy diet will allow our body to make all functions properly and keeps our body and mind active. Popple who eat food like fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, etc can improve health growth and reduce the risk of unwanted diseases.
Not only elders children will show more interest in junk and unhealthy food.this will effect immediately in children. Stop them to eat chocolates and junk food and make them eat fresh food.