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Rappelling And Rock Climbing in Hyderabad

Rock climbing is an adventure activity wherein members move up, down or crosswise over a normal rock or fake arranged rocks. It is a physically and rationally requesting game, one that regularly tests a climber's quality, continuance, deftness, and mental control. Here we mentioned three places for Rock Climbing in Hyderabad.
Rock Climbing in Hyderabad
Khajaguda is a village, located in old Hyderabad, which has a set of varying climbing rocks. Climbing on this granite is very challenging yet adventurous. The place is also known for peacocks and rat snakes and the rocks also pose as caves making it a great experience of climbing.

Shamirpet Hyderabad
Shamirpet is located 30km from Hyderabad. The rock here is approximately 40 ft, suitable for all kinds of adventure activities. The collection of rock has three short chimneys, two short bouldering pitches, two caves, one big climbing pitch of about 40 ft, making it ideal for climbing.

It is located 40 Kilometers away from Hyderabad and on the way to Bhongir. This place offers good bouldering and climbing experience. It has a vertical face which is ideal for rappelling too.
Hillocks at Moulali or Ammuguda and the amazing Boulders at Durgam Cheruvu are other places ideal for climbing near Hyderabad.