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Anantagiri Hills Hyderabad - Best Hill Station for Trekking - Kayaking - Nature Lovers

Anantagiri Hills , Hyderabad

Set in the midst of the Eastern Ghats, Ananthagiri is an excellent retreat where superb slopes in the scenery play with cloudy weather

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Ananthagiri Hills camping offers probably the best trekking trails and in this manner fills in as a trekker's heaven. Stunningly lovely and totally glimmering, the town overflows out beguile blended with the whiff of the coffee smell and magnificence of outlandish greenery. With sentimentalism in each part of the district, it is an ideal spot for friends and families just as family vacationers.

Things To do Do in Vikarabad 

Kayaking - A Splendind Water Sport on Kotapally Reservior

Kayaking is a water game, a narrow boat propelled by the means of a paddle. Kayaking sessions are being conducted at Kotapally Reservoir and its an initiative by 'Progressive Telangana Foundation' to enable rural youth with chances of earning and exposure to urban inhabitants during the weekends. I recommend you to do so first because it's damn cool and awesome during the weekends.

Kayaking - Kondapally Reservior

Trekking - Trek on Natural Scenic Mountain structure with your team

Monsoons are the best season for Trekking. Scenic mountains, the greenery, steep paths and raindrops will mesmerize you. It pushes your adrenaline soul to go about for a trek.

That's the reason the majority of the visitors around Hyderabad visit Ananthagiri Hills And Trekking is one. Someone trek to clean his/her mind for peace, some people trek to feel that nature, some other to pump their soul and to be fit.


Bike Riding
Are you currently a MotoVlogger or a Rider who wants to visit all the areas in your BIKE with precautions? Whether you're from Hyderabad or visiting Hyderabad then there is a place for you. Ananthagiri Hills would be the streets to ride your bicycles, feel the nature and experience the amazing weather.

Bike Riding

Night Campaigning

Night Camping in Ananthagiri hills, a recreational activity involving overnight stays at a wonderful landscape followed by a barbecue, bonfire with camaraderie, adventure, and music. If you're a traveler I suggest you perform night camping at western ghats in the monsoon season due to the weather, bonfire, music and finally once you wake up watching the waterfalls and the clouds passing below you..... Its the most wonderful feeling that you can ever feel. This action is been conducted at Ananthagiri Hills Vikarabad. The campsite is close to a village, where spaces have sheltered. The tents are waterproof.

Night Camping at Vikarabad Hill Stations