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Amar Chithra Katha A Center For Learning

 A center for enlightened fosters a journey of self-discovery for all age groups through cultural immersions and arts, stories, performances. A learning space which goes beyond learning methods to activate a kid's creativity, connecting the past to the present, to construct the future.
Having introduced countless Indians for the next step is to bring the same customs and culture to new generations at a tactile and tangible way, which is pertinent to the contemporary world. Where age is not a criterion, our purpose is to build a community of lifelong learners. We want to make a space where giving and getting of knowledge is an ongoing process which emerges through discussion, leading to personal growth that is exceptional.
Summer camp
Summer has arrived, so have a multitude of camps to maintain your kids engaged throughout the holidays, while also educating them something fresh. The Traditional Day Camp in ACK Alive has programmes where kids get a tiny flavor of pretty much anything (Story, Art, Theatre, Music, Pottery). 
This wonderful camp offerings, children, tweens and teens will be engaged, and they're sure to learn fun abilities and make new pals before the out of summer! Amar Chitra Katha has been at the forefront of spreading and preserving traditions culture, history, and mythology for five years. Looking for camps with a more specific focus?

Art and Design:
Painting and Drawing, Creative Crafting, Indian Folk Art, Embroidery, Pottery And Ceramics, Clay Sculpting, Animation, Photography
Performing arts
Classical Dance, Bollywood and Folk Dance, Theatre, Puppetry, Singing, and Ragas, Musical Instrument 
Life Skills
Yoga, Acrobatic Yoga, Aerial Silk, Robotic and Coding, Electronics And Engineering, Smart Chemistry, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Chess Martial Arts
Vedic Sciences
Abacus, Easy Maths, Sanskrit, Ack Stories Alive, Bagavath Gita Chanting
330-331, Road Number 79,
Film Nagar, Jubilee Hills,
Phase III, Hyderabad,
Telangana 500033
Mobile: +919652824017
Landline: 040 23557080