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Sanjeevaiah Park

Sanjeevaiah Park of Hyderabad, India is named after a former President of India, Dr. Neelam Sanjeev Reddy. The Park is covered with lush green carpets of beautiful gardens. One can find exclusive high breed multi-colored variety of roses. In sharp contrast to the tender Rose garden, a Rock Garden has been laid out. The Rock Garden has many different shapes and sizes of rocks, which fascinate visitors. The Sanjeevaiah Park is famous for the Floral Clock it houses.
Sanjeevaiah Park is one of the most prominent garden parks in Hyderabad. It is located near Hussain Sagar Lake. Sanjeevaiah Park, which was the favorite destination for couples, was neglected for sometime. But now it has got the much-required face-lift. The park won the nickname of ‘Lovers Park’ due to its popularity among young couples who come for long walks here.
The park has sprawling lawns of endless greenery where kids can run around and enjoy themselves to the core. Adjacent to the Sanjeevaiah Park, is a children’s park, which is a major attraction for kids. The park has swings, merry-go-rounds, and balance bars, among other playthings that keep kids busy and absolutely cheerful. Make sure you visit the Sanjeevaiah Park and enjoy yourself to the core.
Location:     Near Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad.
How to reach:     Easily accessible through local transport in Hyderabad.
Main Attractions:     Variety of roses, Rock Garden, Floral Clock.
Named After:     Dr. Neelam Sanjeev Reddy, a former President of India
From hyderabad bus stand to Hussain Sagar Lake
Total Distance = 16.995 Km
Estimated Travel Time = 24 minutes
From hyderabad raliway stand to Hussain Sagar Lake
Total Distance = 10.318 Km
Estimated Travel Time = 14 minutes