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Jawahar Deer Park

There are nearly 128 deer, More than 15 different species of birds , snakes and monitors afoot. As you think that This is  forest but its not its a park and it looks like version of Fear Factor.  Do know that  It’s the deer park right in town and it is located at alongside
Shamirpet Lake is an artificial lake near Hyderabad, India, about 24 kilometers north of Secunderabad. It was built during the Nizam reign. Located 27 km. from Hyderabad, Shamirpet lake is popular for its artificial lake which was dug almost 50 years ago by a Jagirdar of that area.

Jawahar Deer Park

It feels like great to  driving up to Shamirpet in Hyderabad’s traffic on any day but when you reach the deer park you will forget every thing . there is no need to wait for weekends too these days. All you need to pack the food items and go with Family or Friends to the Deer Park . Now  the distance from Secunderabad is around 35 kilometers, you may even make it in one hour.

And the best way to get relax is to walk in park for few minutes by watching Deer’s and there is a lot of space for kids to play with there Toys yes its true. Now the Deer Park look just like  jungles found in various zoos. And if your the Nature loving Person than you will sure love this park. So enjoy with Family and Friends.