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Ashtalakshmi Temple

The well known Hindu temple dedicated to Goddesses Ashtalakshmi in Hyderabad is Ashtalakshmi Temple. The group of eight Hindu Goddesses, who represent wealth as well as powers of Shri Lakshmi forms as Ashtalashmi. This temple is one among the two temples of Goddess Ashtalakshmi in India and it is located in outskirts of Hyderabad.
Under the supervision of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam and with the help of well-known architect, Ganapati Sthapathi, the Ashtalashmi temple was consecrated in April 1996.It took around five years and ten million rupees (approximately) to successfully build the magnificent temple and soon it became holy shrine for the devotees of Ashtalakshmi who come from various parts of the country. Subbaiah Sthapathi, an artistic genius designed the replicas of Sriman Narayana, Sri Garuda, Sri Ganapathi and Ashtalakshmi. Apart from these replicas, the chief gopuram which is the inner part of the temple is installed with idols of eight postures which include Adilakshmi, Aishwaryalakshmi, Santanalakshmi, Dhanalakshmi, Dhanyalakshmi, Gajalakshmi, Vijayalakshmi and Varalakshmi, this temple also has about 134 idols of lesser known gods which augment the brilliance of the mahagopuram. The idols inside the chief gopuram are decorated with gold, kasulu pearl and other necklaces. At nights, the sight seeing of the temple is spectacular, it looks like a temple made from marble though it is built with the blend of sand and cement.
The design and architecture of the Ashtalakshmi temple was borrowed from the one at Chennai (new name for Madras). However, several modifications were made while the construction was initiated. The Ashtalakshmi temple is a fine example of a collective endeavor. People from various quarters came forward to donate liberally. It took five years of non-stop work and a total expenditure of Rs 10 million for the magnificent Ashtalakshmi temple to take its present form.
The well-known architect,Padmashri S.M.Ganapati Sthapathi,and M.Mathiyalagan sthapathi conceived the structure and design of the temple. The idols of Ashtalakshmi, Sriman Narayana, Sri Ganapathi and Sri Garuda were designed by . About 134 vigrahams (idols) of lesser – known gods adorn the mahagopuram.
Although built of sand and cement, the Ashtalakshmi temple reveals the remarkable dexterity of the artists. Installed inside the temples are idols of Adilakshmi, Aishwaryalakshmi, Santanalakshmi, Dhanalakshmi, Dhanyalakshmi, Gajalakshmi, Vijayalakshmi and Varalakshmi. Depicting these eight postures, the idols are adorned with gold and – kasula peru necklace and other necklaces. If one is all praise for the richly ornamented idols inside the temple, one is equally agog to see the intricately carved designs on the temple gopuram.
Proposals are in the offing to construct a two-storeyed Kalyana Mandapam at a cost of Rs 15 million and an Archaka nilayam- residential quarters for the priests.
The nightly illumination of this enchanting temple is spectacular. Viewed from a distance, the temple looks like one made from marble. And on approaching the temple entrance, one is captivated by the tranquility of the surroundings and the all pervading sweet fragrance of the incense.
Location : Vasavi Colony ,Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad
Best time to visit : During Varalaxmi pooja and diwali.
Timings :
All days – 6:00 AM to 12:00 Noon & 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Fridays – 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM & 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Sundays – 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM & 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Fee : No Entry Fee
from hyderabad bus station to Ashtalakshmi Temple
Total Distance = 29.041 Km
Estimated Travel Time = 39 minutes
from hyderabad railway station to Ashtalakshmi Temple
Total Distance = 11.353 Km
Estimated Travel Time = 20 minutes