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British Residency -Koti

Koti Residency or British Residency is an opulent mansion built by the British Resident of Hyderabad state, James Achilles Kirkpatrick during 1798 – 1805. It is a tourist attraction and located in Koti, Hyderabad.


Kirkpatrick built this mansion for his wife Khair un nissa.
Koti meaning a mansion, is a huge mansion built in Victorian and Corinthian style. In 1949 it was converted into the women’s college, Osmania University College for Women.
The building was at once the embassy of the East India Company representative at large to The Nizam as well as a Fort. A Legend connected with the building is within its compound one can find a miniature of the building in a scaled down form so as to fulfill the wishes of his wife for such a model II was the scene of many battles fought between the British and the Nizams Soldiers.
After a court directive to the Archeological Survey of India, it is now a protected monument.

From hyderabad bus stand to Koti
Total Distance = 5.152 Km
Estimated Travel Time = 10 minutes

From hyderabad Railway station to Koti
Total Distance = 3.737 Km
Estimated Travel Time = 8 minutes